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Broken Spring Repair

A broken spring on your garage door can be a real pain, but don't panic. Dave Garage Door Repair in Brisbane is here to help you fix it.You might ask, "Why should I care about a broken spring?" Think of the springs as the muscle that lifts and lowers your garage door. When they break, your door becomes nearly impossible to move manually and can cause severe damage if not addressed promptly.The good news? Our experienced team at Dave Garage Door Repair has dealt with countless cases like this in Brisbane. We've got both the know-how and equipment needed to get things back up running smoothly again.

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Symptoms Of A Broken Spring

How do you tell if it's really a broken spring causing issues for your garage door? There are several symptoms:

  • Your garage door doesn’t open or close completely.
  • You hear loud bangs when operating the garage door.
  • The cables on either side of the door seem loose or have fallen off entirely.

If any of these signs sound familiar, chances are high that you need our services right away. Remember - ignoring such problems only leads them growing worse over time...

Finding The Right Solution For You

We understand every home in Brisbane has unique needs when it comes to their garages' upkeep; hence we tailor our repair solutions accordingly. Whether torsion springs or extension ones are installed on your doors matters greatly because each type requires specific methods for effective repair. For instance, torsion springs, typically mounted above opening along walls use torque twist action whereas extension springs, installed on either side, use tension to work.We at Dave Garage Door Repair have a wealth of experience dealing with both types. So, whether it's torsion or extension springs giving you grief - we're your go-to guys.

Safety First

Fixing busted garage door springs can be risky if not done right. That's why our team sticks to strict safety measures during repairs. We also ensure every part is running smoothly before we call it a day.

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